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65mm Cutting Capacity 100% Duty Cycle




The logical development of our original 20kw machine which has been proven in so many applications world-wide, the P30 offers 50% more output and is able to cut 65mm thick metals, and, thanks to in-built power factor correction, draws less current from the supply.  Offering great mobility the standard model has fixed power output for simplicity of operation, making it ideal for scrap processing, demolition, and any other application that can make full use of cutting performance at all times.  The P30 PLUS offers full electronic control of output and soft start, for greater versatility in more demanding applications, especially when cutting with a machine torch on a profiling machine, robot, or other mechanised application, or if you are hand cutting a wide range of materials.  "S" variants are also available for foundry work, gouging and whenever close cutting is required.  Able to cut all day and every day, these machines can produce a prodigious output of work, giving rapid payback and enormous savings which will continue as long as your requirement is there.

Watch Video of our Goodwin P30 Cutting 40mm




Goodwin Air Plasma